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    Guidance documents and comitology bypass normal decision-making and create legal uncertainty

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    Bio-energy policy ignores resource efficiency ambitions

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    Competitiveness and internal market deserve same attention as environment and safety

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    Sulphur Directive: Are we all trading on a level playing field?

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    High gas prices are damaging European companies: action needed now

 What is the problem?

European regulation has lost its way. Too much red tape is tying our manufacturing sector up in knots.

We want to secure that European manufacturers can compete on a level playing field with the rest of the world.

By ensuring legislation is appropriateaffordable and consistent, we can have industry to be proud of, leading the world and keeping jobs in Europe.


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Join the campaign and help us call on the EU and national governments to be bold, and give investors the certainty they need to put their money into Europe.

The EU Commission needs to support the European manufacturing industry as it is a key strategic partner to help Europe move forward, now and in the future.

What is needed?

Fix the gap in energy costs between Europe and rest of the world

Constantly changing regulation is one of the top risks to industry (Ernst & Young report)

Use trade negotiations to help European manufacturers compete

Focus on making the existing policies work, not creating new ones