Best places to live in USA 2020

Best places to live in USA 2020
Best places to live in USA 2020

If right now you are looking for your “fairy-tale city, dream city” in the United States of America as Best places to live in USA 2020, many discoveries await you in this article!

To begin with, think about what professional activities you plan to engage in in the States, do you have friends in some cities, and how much money do you have to buy property in the USA or rent apartments? Analyze if the issue of climate is critical. Perhaps you want to live in a city where you can watch all four seasons or, on the contrary, dream of a sunny and hot region.  
Moving to the USA is not easy, but possible. For example, if you are an investor, it is enough to invest $ 500,000, and preferably $ 1,000,000 in local real estate, and after 2 years, all family members will receive permanent resident status in the USA (EB-5 visa). The U.S. Immigration Service reserves 10,000 visas each year for EB-5 investors. The cost of applying for such a visa varies by region. A lower visa cost is possible in the case of investments in agricultural companies and areas with high unemployment. These are the so-called target employment regions.

Investors have two options for participating in the program: individual or through regional centers of EB-5. Individual investors need to find their own project for investment and take over its management. This gives direct control over the business in which they invest. But approximately 90% of candidates invest through regional centers, which draw up all the permits. 

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For applicants, a completely different principle will work. If you are in the IT industry and want to do programming, perhaps the best option for you is Silicon Valley in California, Los Angeles or Roles in North Carolina. If you are engaged in the transportation business, then take a closer look at such states as Texas, Carolina, New Jersey. In these regions there are ports where some kind of movement, sending, arrival of goods is constantly happening.

Choosing the best direction for moving, evaluate not only the size of the average earnings in the city and the number of vacancies offered, but also the estimated amount of money that you will have to spend in this region. Tax and social policies vary widely from state to state. It is an acceptable ratio of earnings and expenses that will allow you to comfortably live and buy real estate in the United States .

The ethnic composition of the city, the level of security and the organization of public transport – all this is also important to consider. Regarding security, according to a study by WalletHub, the safest cities are: Pittsburgh, Portland, and Lewiston in Maine. It is worth noting that the state of Maine has long been considered one of the safest.

So, consider the most popular and best places to live in USA 2020.

Forbes has identified the best cities for life, career and education. When calculating the results, expenses for business, accommodation, income and employment growth, the level of education, as well as projected economic growth until 2019 were taken into account.       

1. Best places to live in USA 2020: Austin (Texas)

This is a large, developing city, it is in 14th place in terms of population among US cities. In Austin, there are almost a million inhabitants. At the same time, in the capital of Texas, the strongest population growth is observed – 2.8% per year. The average income per person is $ 62,000. The unemployment rate is record low – 3%. On average, you can buy a house in Austin (USA) in this place for $ 375,000. Yes, the state has a rather high sales tax (state tax), on average it is 8.17%. But this is more than compensated by the absence of income tax, which attracts many visitors.      

Austin is a city with real hot summers and very mild winters. The temperature in the winter season does not fall below +4 degrees, and in summer it can reach +40! There is a lot of work in the city, and many job seekers have every chance of finding work close to home or the ability to work remotely. Austin ranks fourth in the country in the number of employers offering telecommuting. In general, among Austin’s largest employers: the company “Dell” (it is here that the headquarters of the world giant), the University of Texas, various healthcare companies. For the presence of high-tech companies in the region, it was called Silicon Hills.  

2. Best places to live in USA 2020: Charlotte (North Carolina)

Great climate, inexpensive real estate, good organization of public transport – all this characterizes Charlotte. In recent years, the city has experienced a high population growth, now the number of inhabitants has reached about 860 thousand people. Charlotte grew from a sleeping city into a strong corporate and financial center, the second largest after New York. In recent years, there have been many job openings in the IT market and finance in the labor market.

More and more people choose Charlotte because of the relatively low property tax rate, low tariffs for utilities. The average household income here is about $ 59,000. The growth of household income this year is close to 9.5%. At the same time, you can buy a house in North Carolina (USA) for an average of $ 190,000.
Charlotte is well located: on one side of the mountain, on the other – the ocean. And if on the weekend you wanted to go to the beach, then after two hours by car you can enjoy the view of the Atlantic Ocean.                                 

Charlotte, Raleigh (also North Carolina) is a great alternative to huge metropolises like New York. There are all conditions for obtaining education, development in the professional sphere. For example, in Raleigh, there is Technopark, the home of 170 high-tech companies.

3. Best places to live in USA 2020: Omaha (Nebraska)

The largest and most attractive city in Nebraska is recognized as the city of Omaha. Almost 500 thousand people live in it. The economy is rapidly gaining momentum, and the unemployment rate is quite low, 3.1%. The average income per person is $ 50,000 per year. It is believed that this city is cheap enough for life, because on average you can buy a house in Omaha for $ 239,900. Sales tax in the region reaches 7%. Omaha is especially attractive to young people, because there are 12 colleges and universities!

Omaha is a sunny and beautiful city with a temperate cold climate. In summer, the average temperature is set at +24 degrees, in winter does not drop below 5 degrees.

4. Best places to live in USA 2020: Milwaukee (Wisconsin)

They say in this largest city in Wisconsin many Russians. The city where the headquarters of the company “Harley-Davidson” is located, has more than 600 thousand people. The average income per person is about $ 36,000 a year, and the unemployment rate is kept at 3.2%.

You can buy a house in Milwaukee from $ 117,000. Sales tax averages –5.6%. Milwaukee is included in the list of GO Banking rates as one of the best cities for life and savings. The ratio of earnings and expenses such that you can easily save money in the account.                                                                                                                            

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5. Best places to live in USA 2020: Portland (Oregon)

Portland is called the “City of Roses” for its ideal climate for growing these flowers. Summer is warm, dry, sometimes rainy, and winter is mild. It is estimated that in this place there are 25 (!) Hectares of parkland for every thousand inhabitants. Thus, Portland is recognized as the most landscaped city in the United States of America. More than 640,000 residents live just an hour from the beach and an hour from the mountains.

The average income per inhabitant is about $ 56,000. Income tax is 9%, but the city does not levy sales tax. The restaurant business is rapidly developing in Portland, and about 1,200 high-tech companies are also located here. By the way, the largest employer in the region is Intel. If you plan to settle in this city, you can safely do without a car. The fact is that the public transport system is perfectly tuned and is a model for the rest of the country.                                                                                           

6. Best places to live in USA 2020: San Francisco (California)

The beautiful city of the United States of America attracts 27% of investors, according to a Forbes study. The merit of this fact is not only in architecture and ecology. The proximity to Silicon Valley makes San Francisco extremely attractive. Given the number of tourists visiting the city almost all year round, investments in local housing guarantee a steady income.               

The average income per person per year is quite high – more than $ 87,000. To buy real estate in San Francisco , on average you have to pay $ 1,195,000. Sales tax – 8.5%. Life in San Francisco can cost a pretty penny, but if you can afford it, a city by the bay is a real gem of the United States.

7. Best places to live in USA 2020: Miami (Florida)

It is a city ​​with a low average income per person by the standards of America and colossally high real estate prices. Miami is insanely popular with Russian emigrants. A city in Miami Dade County, Sunny Isles Beach has long been called Little Moscow. Here lives a large Russian community. For visitors who do not know the language, this becomes a big plus. It is possible that new acquaintances will help you settle in a new place.

Miami has over 440,000 inhabitants. On average, you can count on $ 31,000 per year. According to rumors, there is little work in the state. At the same time, you can buy an apartment in Miami at a price of about $ 1,110,000, a house – about $ 2,000,000. Sales tax – 6%. But state law allows you to increase this tax.

As you can see, the diversity is so great that not a single statistical summary reveals your unique option. Therefore, contact the specialists of AWAY REALTY agency – we will take into account all the needs and help you decide on positive changes in life.