Best places to visit in Crete – Crete sightseeing 2020

Best places to visit in Crete - Crete sightseeing

Crete can rightly be called one of the main pearls of the Mediterranean. In size, it is the largest island in Greece, the fifth largest in the Mediterranean Sea. Traveling around the island, tourists can plunge into three seas, the Libyan in the south, the Cretan in the north, the Ionian in the west. 

Myths and legends

Everything here is saturated with the spirit of ancient myths and legends, ancient excavations. According to legend, Crete is a favorite place of Greek gods and legendary heroes. You can visit the mythical labyrinth of Zeus, remember the battle of Theseus with the minotaur. Then Arianna wove the threads of love, and here the great Minos was born.

Hospitality, Architect and Traditions

Crete welcomes its guests with the amazing hospitality of the local population. Ancient architecture, distinctive traditions, an atmosphere of calm help to completely forget about time and relax. Different cities of Crete harmoniously combine elements of different eras. Winding, cobbled streets, old courtyards, in which the measured life of the Cretans flows. Terraces and balconies drowning in flowers, souvenir shops and the goodwill of the Greeks. It’s not impossible not to fall in love!

Cities of Crete

The large cities of Crete divide the island into different areas. This is Heraklion, Chania, Rethymno, Lassithi. Interestingly, not one part of the island is like another. Traveling from one part to another, each tourist will find something to their liking.

1. Heraklion

Heraklion, Crete

Heraklion is the capital of Crete, the center of the tourism business and is ideal for lovers of archaeological sites and history. The region got its name from the mythical hero Heracles. One of the most impressive monuments in Crete is the Krons Palace. Often, this palace is considered the labyrinth in which the monster lived with the human body and the head of a bull. 

Near the capital is the resort town of Hersonissos. Beautiful beaches, a large number of shops and bars attract tourists and especially young people.
The next attractive area of ​​the island is Agios Nikolaos. This is the administrative center of part of Lassithi. In the past it was a fishing village, spread out on the shores of Mirabello Bay. 

Currently, the city is called the Cretan Saint-Tropez for the high level of hotels and for the rich nightlife. At the height of the season, you can meet world celebrities. This city is still famous thanks to Lake Vulismeni, in which, according to legend, Aphrodite herself took baths. Also in this city there is a cave where the Thunderer Zeus was born.

2. Rethymnon

Rethymnon harbor Crete

One of the most beautiful cities of Crete is Rethymnon. The old town resembles an open-air museum. It is famous for its unique architecture, Venetian quarters with narrow cobbled streets and carved shutters in the windows. Always crowded promenade adjacent to the harbor, which you can sit in restaurants and enjoy the lighthouse. 

The main attraction of the city is the Fortezza fortress, which was built to fight against pirates. The fortress offers stunning views of the city, promenade, mountain range. The historical part of Rethymnon is a pedestrian zone and is blocked for traffic. You can walk along it for hours, enjoying the beauty of architecture and watch the unhurried life of the Greeks. 

With the sunset, Rethymno turns into the center of nightlife. You can enjoy the views and sit in the restaurant along the promenade. Or choose a traditional tavern on the beautiful street of the old city. An infinite number of shops, shops makes a walk through the evening Rethymnon especially pleasant.

3. Chania

Chania port Crete

Until now, there has been a debate about which city is more beautiful: Rethymnon or Chania. Many artists and poets rush here for inspiration. Chania Bay is guarded by a medieval lighthouse and the Ottoman fortress Firkas. Not far from here is the Janissary Mosque, where tourists love to be photographed. There is an opportunity to take a fascinating walk in horse-drawn carriages to the most beautiful places of Chania. 

The old city is divided into three blocks: Turkish, Jewish and Venetian. This ancient part of Chania is well captured in postcards. Forged bars on the windows, arches with flowers, narrow streets and medieval lanterns create a unique architecture. The most picturesque hotels are located here. The rooms have antique canopies, roof terraces from which you can watch the sunset, enjoying a romantic dinner.

Traveling in Crete, you can combine a beach holiday with shopping. Plunge into ancient history and touch the Orthodox shrines. Having been to Greece once, you understand that everything in it is permeated with a unique, unique taste. Crete is a place that cannot be comprehended the first time, one wants to return there again and again.