Want to Lose Weight? Chocolate, Coffee and Wine May Actually Help!

Chocolate, Coffee and Wine for weight loss

Dieters have long been told that chocolate and wine will not help with weight loss. King’s College London’s Professor Tim Spector has found out the opposite, and finds chocolate, wine, coffee and cheese may help the microbes in the gut.

Spector is also the author of The Diet Myth: The Real Science Behind What We Eat, and says that people need to look at the microbes in the gut, and not just the amount of calories in vs. calories out. While there are damaging microbes, he says there are also good microbes that influence processes like weight loss.

Wine and Cheese for weight loss

He goes on to say that most calorie-counting diets fail to help with weight loss, because they disregard the foods that help boost the beneficial microbes, polyphenols called flavonoids. These are found in the likes of coffee, cheese, chocolate and wine. Eating and drinking more of these could actually help to aid weight loss.

The flavonoids are antioxidants that help the good microbes reproduce. Cheese also contains fungi, yeasts and bacteria that can help the gut digest food.

His main focus is against the fad diets, the ones that tend to cut out these foods and drinks for various reasons. He argues that the diets fail to help with weight loss in the long term.

Chocolate for weight loss

This is nothing new. The National Health Service in the UK already recommends healthy weight loss plans rather than fad diets. Healthy plans will include all food groups and encourage everything in moderation. Treats like chocolate can still be eating, but remain as treats rather than an everyday item. The Daily Voice News has already shared why crash diets are dangerous.

Fad diets can lead to a slower metabolism, meaning the body requires fewer calories than before. They also encourage a reduction in other food groups like carbohydrates, which are needed to provide the body energy.

Spector agrees with this, saying that cutting out food groups is bad for the health. The body does not get the variety of microbes that the gut requires.

Coffee for weight loss

Spector says that a study carried out on monkeys is proof that fad diets do not work. The study was carried out over six years, and allowed some monkeys to have healthy vegetable oils and others to have artificial trans. The monkeys from the latter group gained weight, while the monkeys from the first group did not. Other studies have also shown that cocoa is good for the gut and red wine in moderation can be beneficial for the heart health.

Spector’s own study was carried out on 2,000 twins in the UK. Those with higher levels of flavonoids in the blood has lost weight, lower blood pressure, stronger bones, better arteries and a lower risk of diabetes.

That does not mean chocolate, wine and cheese are the items to only eat and drink during the day. Spector focuses on diversity, and that means throughout the day. A healthy and balanced diet is preferable for a healthy gut to help with weight loss.