Gap Year Travel Tour Advice: 7 Quick Tips

gap year travel tour

Going on a gap year can be a daunting experience, particularly if you’ve never been away from home for an extended period. Below are 7 tips that will hopefully make your gap year travel experience a little easier and learn some key tips before you leave…

1. Speak to Locals

Speaking to locals is a great way to find out the inside line on the place you are visiting, as well as immersing yourself deeper in the local culture. The more locals you speak to, the more likely you are to find the hidden gems which aren’t mentioned in a guide book.

2. Eat Street Food

People often turn their nose up at street food, but in many countries it is the most delicious food there is and the cheapest too. And it’s a great opportunity to speak to some locals!

3. Take Photos of Friends and Family

You’ll undoubtedly get a bit homesick at some point on your trip so it’s always nice to have some photos with you. They’re also a great talking point with local folks where you can give them a glimpse into your life at home.

4. Always have a Toilet Roll in Your Bag!

You’d be surprised how difficult it is to find toilet roll in some countries so it’s always handy to have one tucked away in your bag. You also might not be near a toilet at all and need to go ‘au natural’ (possible after some street food)!

5. Keep in Touch

It’s important to keep those at home up to date with your trip so they know you’re safe. They’ll miss you and want to know what you’re up to which is easy to forget when you’re out having fun.

6. Test Local Transport

Local modes of transport are a great, cheap way to get around. But they’re also unpredictable so if you’re thinking of going on a local bus, jumping in a tuk tuk or hopping on a motorbike make sure you give them a thorough check first and ensure the drivers are qualified and in a fit state of health.

7. Enjoy it!

It’s easy to forget that this is a once in a lifetime experience and take it for granted when you’re there. The key is to enjoy every second, throw yourself into everything and grab every opportunity that comes along. The more you do that the more you’ll get out of the experience.