What to pack in hospital bag for labor: Hospital bag checklist

What to pack in hospital bag for labor
What to pack in hospital bag for labor

If you are expecting the first baby, and he should be born soon, then you have to pack your hospital bag for labor. In this article, we will figure out how to properly prepare the bag that you will take with you to the hospital, consider what and why you need to take with you to the hospital.

For such an important and exciting event as childbirth, it is necessary to prepare the hospital bag for labor carefully and without haste. It is better to start collecting the bag at the maternity hospital immediately after going on maternity leave. What to put in this bag, what you need to take with you to the hospital? The following is a sample list of necessary things:

Things to pack in hospital bag for labor

  1. Actually the bag itself should not be a bag. All things are better to put in thin bags with handles, because many maternity hospitals forbid carrying things in ordinary bags.
  2. A package for outerwear in which a woman will go to the hospital. This package is handed over to the warehouse before discharge, or is handed over to relatives upon arrival at the hospital, so that they then bring the right clothes only for discharge.
  3. Documents: passport, exchange card, referral for childbirth (if the birth will be scheduled), a birth certificate, medical policy or insurance. If the employer does not provide for a policy, take a referral from the employer for childbirth under the contract. Be sure to check the correctness of filling this direction and other documents.
  4. A nightgown or shirt, one or two pieces, normal or adapted for feeding a baby.
  5. Easy fastening bathrobe.
  6. Cotton socks, several pairs.
  7. Phone with charger.
  8. Perfumes and detergents – a small package of shampoo, a toothbrush, toothpaste, liquid soap, wet wipes.
  9. Spoon and mug. If a woman prefers to take food from her dishes, you can take more plates.
  10. Toilet paper, towel. Paper towels may come in handy.
  11. Disposable razor.
  12. Anti-varicose or compression stockings, or bandages. They are needed to prevent a large load on the veins of the legs during childbirth.
  13. Disposable panties or medical mesh panties are very useful. Besides the fact that it is convenient and hygienic, some maternity hospitals may prohibit women in labor in the first days to wear fabric underwear.
  14. Slippers should be washable.
  15. Special postpartum pads or maximum night pads, based on the assumption that postpartum hemorrhage will be two to three times more abundant than regular menstrual bleeding.
  16. Ointment for nipples. Panthenol-based ointment is effective. In any case, it should be as natural as possible.
  17. The postpartum bandage, in which the fasteners are not located on the tummy.
  18. Reusable waterproof diapers. They will be required for examination on a chair, and will be useful for feeding a child.
  19. Laxatives, preferred in the form of suppositories and microclysters.
  20. Medicines that the pregnant woman takes constantly, prescribed by the attending physician.

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Another list for hospital bag for labor will be needed for relatives. What can I take with me to the hospital or leave it at home so that my relatives can bring these things later? The following are approximate options for what you may need in the hospital after the baby is born:

  1. Breast pump. He may be needed. or maybe not useful.
  2. Clothes for the baby.
  3. Diapers for the baby. They may be needed for procedures in the children’s department, but may not be needed.
  4. Nipple. Doctors may ask her for an ultrasound examination of the child so that the child does not worry during the examination.
  5. A gauze cut or other similar product. In the summer, even under the best conditions, mosquitoes or midges can enter the room. Gauze can cover the cradle where the baby is sleeping.
  6. Cosmetics. A woman should be able to fully prepare for such an important event as an extract from the hospital, and look beautiful at that moment.

If the bag in the hospital will be collected on time, the expectant mother will be calmer.