How to create your training program to quickly gain muscle mass and burn fat

quickly gain muscle mass

In the beginning, let’s figure out how and why muscles grow.
Muscles grow not in the hall as is commonly believed, but at home during rest. In training, you destroy muscle tissue and get microfractures of myofibrils – a component of muscle fiber. When you rest, these microtraumas are healed and your muscle becomes the same as before the workout.

The body thinks that training and stress for the muscles can be repeated and therefore makes a small margin with the help of muscle fiber hypertrophy – this process is muscle growth. But this effect is not eternal and if the training does not repeat after a certain time, the muscle will return to its original position in which it was before the training.

In different people and different muscle groups, the time of this process is different. For example, triceps is most quickly restored – it means it needs to be trained more often than other muscle groups, and at the back the slowest recovery therefore it needs to be trained less often.

The main thing is the basic exercises that you need to put at the beginning of your training and gradually move on to isolating exercises at the end of the training.

It is very important to be psychologically tuned to your progress and you need to understand that there are no quick results, and in order to achieve something, you need to spend some time doing this business. Later you will be pleased that you decided to do this.

You must take into account all your parameters plus the level of fitness. Many beginners having seen enough of professional athletes run into the gym and repeat their program, their pace and manner of performing various exercises, not realizing that the pros have been training for many years, plus they use anabolic steroids that give them the opportunity to train more often, longer, more intensively, but for beginners this program may not that doesn’t work out and is more likely to hurt.

When drawing up an individual training program for yourself, you must take into account all the possible factors that affect the results of your workouts, for example: height, weight, health and many others that can be listed almost endlessly.

You need to carefully consider the workout before strength training.
First you need to warm up without weight for 5-10 minutes, and then start a workout exercise with a minimum weight.

You need to train in the gym no more than 4-5 days a week, as the muscles and the body as a whole need rest and recovery. Best when you train in a day. One muscle can be trained only once in one week.

You must know in advance how much weight and how many repetitions you are working with. If your goal is muscle growth, then 4-5 sets of 7-12 reps, if you develop strength, then 3 sets of 3-7 reps is the best option.

The pace of the exercise : you can perform the exercise quickly enough, you can concentrate as much as possible on a specific phase of a certain movement and perform it slowly and smoothly.

Rest between sets is a very important thing: usually 1-1: 30 minutes is enough, but if the exercises are basic or you develop maximum strength, then the time may well increase up to 3-4 minutes. But it is best to rest no more than 1 minute if your goal is massive.

Beginners should not be led to some highly sophisticated programs with some kind of exotic exercises from professionals. In their arsenal, the majority should not be dominated by exercises not on simulators, but on a free weight base and minimum simulators. These exercises must be included in your training complex: deadlift, squats with a barbell, bench press, as well as push-ups from the floor and on the bars, pull-ups.

You can finish the workout with a more insulating study of this muscle.

Hitch for a very quick recovery:

The hitch is very important because it will not only help you maintain health, but also accelerate muscle growth. It’s worth starting a hitch with exercises, for example: running or cycling, and most importantly you need to start at a fast pace and gradually lower it to a complete stop, this will return your heart rate to normal and relieve stress from the cardiovascular system. After them, it is necessary to stretch the muscles since after training the muscle is filled with blood, which will make it possible to stretch the fascia (protective film of muscles) better, this will make room for muscle growth and it will grow faster, besides this will give you more flexibility and protection from injury.

The variability of the program:

Change your program every 3-4 months.
Change all your exercises after a certain time.


Track a specific exercise affects your body.

It is very important to have a proper nutrition plan:

Muscles cannot simply appear out of nowhere – they need proteins and carbohydrates in large quantities for growth. And your task is to provide the necessary daily rate of their consumption.

The basic rules of healthy eating:

Compliance with the ratio of proteins, fats, carbohydrates:
If your goal is to lose weight you need a minimum of carbohydrates and a maximum of protein.
If the goal is to gain muscle mass, you need a large amount of carbohydrates and about the same amount of protein.
Moreover, in both of the above cases, the number of daily meals must be at least 4 times a day.