Support during labor and delivery: All the pros and cons

support during labor and delivery
support during labor and delivery

Partner support during labor and delivery has become widespread in the world. Scientists believe that in this difficult period, it is important for a woman that a person close to her be nearby and able to support. Most people started arguing and divided into two categories. Those who are for the presence of her husband support during labor and delivery and those who are against partner support. In this article, we will analyze all the nuances of joint birth.

What is affiliate delivery?

Most people believe that only a husband can be present as support during labor and delivery. But this is an erroneous opinion. Any close woman in childbirth can take part in joint labor. It can be mom, mother-in-law or girlfriend. In European countries, a psychologist is often invited for childbirth. In Russia, the husband most often becomes the partner. It does not matter who will be with the woman in childbirth, the main thing is that this person has real help.

You must understand that the decision regarding joint birth must be taken together. If your husband is too emotional and impressive, he should not take part as a partner in the process of support during labor and delivery. You don’t want your husband to sit on a chair in a fainting state at the most crucial moment? If not? Then think not only about yourself, but also about your husband.

There is another “against” the presence of her husband as support during labor and delivery. And it concerns women. Such families are often found where the wife is very shy about her husband. She always walks in front of him wearing makeup, in the most beautiful outfits. And her husband never saw her without makeup.

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In this case, it is worthwhile to understand that childbirth is a very complex process when all the forces are directed only at the birth of the baby. Therefore, if a woman in labor is afraid to frighten a man with her “not painted face” and red eyes or disheveled hairstyle and legs spread apart in different directions. She should go through this process alone, without a husband.

Let the husband better meet his wife from the maternity hospital, as always, beautiful and happy, and everything that happened outside the walls of the maternity ward will remain a secret. But if your husband still decided to support you, his help will be invaluable to you.

How can partner support during labor and delivery?

  • During strong battles, a woman in labor may lean on her husband or hang on him. Also, the husband will be able to talk with his wife, distracting her from the pain. If necessary, help her walk. And also ask the doctor all questions that interest him and his spouse.
  • Between fights, your partner can time, and at this time you can relax.
  • The spouse can massage the woman, as well as stroke the stomach and talk with the baby, thereby helping to calm down.
  • Scientists have established the fact that with severe pain, a woman’s brain perceives the voice of her beloved man better than an outsider unfamiliar person. Therefore, during strong fights and attempts, the husband must pass on to the woman in labor everything that the midwife says, as well as make his wife do everything.

Each family relations after a partner birth are different. Some pairs do not stand such a test, and they diverge. And for other couples, the joint passage of such a test opens a new stage in family life. And their life is filled with new emotions. And love for each other is strengthened. In any case, joint delivery is a good way to test the relationship for strength. Strong couples will strengthen, but weak couples will split up.

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