4 Best vacation spots for senior citizens in the USA

best vacation spots for senior citizens

There are many travel destinations that offer a variety of entertainment options for seniors. If you are an active person or if you are looking for something different, something the whole family can enjoy in, the US will surely have a good place for you. I will show you a list of 5 best US travel destinations for seniors. Within this list, you will be able to find museums, shows, national parks and big, busy cities. Once you take a look at what’s out there, you will be able to start making plans for your trip.

Jersey Shore

Any town in New Jersey will offer you a lot of excitement and wonderful day at the beach. The boardwalk will be full of people who are having fun and enjoying the day, creating a great atmosphere for all who come to take a rest and enjoy the warm air. While hotels can be expensive at this travel destination, you can choose vacation rental and enjoy weeks of a great time. These rentals have kitchens as well, so you can prepare your food and save more money.

Branson, Missouri

Some say that Branson is the best travel destination any senior can wish for. Why is that? Probably because there are dozens of movie theaters and music theaters, along with one dozes golf courses. There are many entertainment options that will keep even the most active senior busy and occupied. In case the whole family is going to Branson, you can visit water parks as well.

Portland, Oregon

Any active senior who is looking for an adventure has to visit Portland. Many bike lanes are giving you the opportunity to see the entire city and stay active. There are many public transportation options you can use too like light rail and buses. You will need these because there are many rose gardens you have to see and a lot of photogenic neighborhoods you have to take pictures of.

National Parks

Get your camping stove packed and your hiking boots on, because you can get a huge discount in a local national park Even the car drive to the park is something you can enjoy with your partner or your family members. And the park itself offers a great place to walk, exercise, hike and have a picnic.

Whichever of these 4 travel destinations you choose, you won’t get wrong. A great time is a guarantee, no matter are you traveling alone, with your partner or your family members.