What causes vomiting for severe headaches?

What causes vomiting for severe headaches

Causes of vomiting during a headache

Vomiting with a headache is an infrequent occurrence, but it is still encountered. Such symptoms can indicate the presence of serious pathologies of the nervous system or is a reaction to the influence of certain adverse factors. However, this combination of symptoms has occurred at least once in a lifetime.

What causes vomiting for severe headaches?

Consider the most common.

1. Infectious diseases

Viral or bacterial infections in which there is a high temperature and pronounced general intoxication of the body: influenza, acute respiratory viral infections, pneumonia, sepsis, etc. Headache is accompanied by general weakness, nausea, sometimes vomiting. In addition, neuroinfections can be attributed here: meningitis, encephalitis of both viral and bacterial etiology, in which the central nervous system (membranes and brain matter, respectively) is affected. In this case, vomiting occurs at the height of the headache, does not bring relief, is not associated with eating, the nature of vomiting is a “fountain”.

2. Traumatic brain injury

After a head injury, such a combination as a headache with vomiting, loss of consciousness is a fairly common clinical picture, which indicates the presence of concussion or bruising of the brain.

3. Migraine

If vomiting occurs with a headache, the causes of its occurrence can be attributed to migraine. It is a type of headache (according to the ICD – 10 classification) and has a rather complex and not yet fully studied mechanism of occurrence. Vomiting with migraine is quite common in those individuals in whom this ailment has a peculiarity – the presence of the so-called aura. At the same time, nausea, and sometimes vomiting, can begin to worry a few days before the onset of the attack – the first precursors of its occurrence.

Then there is an aura (photophobia, loss of visual fields, zigzags, lightnings in front of the eyes, a sensation of “crawling creeps” on the body on one side, a feeling of numbness), after which there is an attack of severe headache (mainly in the frontotemporal region on one side – hemicrania ) At the height of the attack of such a headache, vomiting appears, which brings a slight improvement and relieves pain. In the interictal period, the condition is absolutely healthy.

4. Intracranial hypertension syndrome

Violation of the outflow of cerebrospinal fluid can lead to increased intracranial pressure. The reason for this may be previously transferred neuroinfections, strokes, brain tumors, cysts, problems of a vascular nature, when the tone of the vessels of the brain and venous outflow are disturbed, hypertension. There may be congenital causes. In this case, the headache is pronounced diffuse pulsating in nature, nausea, vomiting occurs as the intensity of the headache increases and brings slight relief. More often, an attack occurs suddenly in the morning. It can bother all day and weakens a bit in the evening.

5. Subarachnoid hemorrhage or rupture of aneurysm

The headache is sudden, acute, vomiting occurs, often impaired consciousness. Depending on the amount of hemorrhage, a certain focal neurological symptomatology appears. Often it is fatal if specialized medical care was not provided on time.

6. Cervical osteochondrosis, as the cause of vomiting with headache

Headache and vomiting in this disease occurs due to squeezing of blood vessels and nerves by hernias or protrusions of the discs, while cerebral circulation is disturbed. The indicated symptom complex can occur with a sharp turn or tilt of the head, like a cervical migraine (vertebral artery syndrome).

7. Psychosomatics

If a person is very impressionable, quite susceptible to all kinds of stresses, feelings, worries, he may be bothered by a feeling of a headache, which is aching in nature, constant tension. But in stressful situations or with strong excitement (sometimes crying), this condition can also be accompanied by vomiting, for no apparent reason or pathology.

8. Food or alcohol poisoning

With gastrointestinal intoxications caused by both unfit for food and excessive alcohol consumption, general intoxication of the body occurs, provoked by the spread of toxins in the blood. There is severe nausea, vomiting (as a protective reaction of the body), and sometimes diarrhea. Against this background, the body is dehydrated, and a headache may appear.

9. Pregnancy

Nausea, vomiting, headache, general weakness can be symptoms of toxicosis in early pregnancy.

What to do if headache is accompanied by vomiting

For whatever reason, a headache, which is accompanied by vomiting, is the basis for going to the doctor and conducting a full diagnostic examination. Such a symptom complex can be caused by both harmless causes and testify to serious health problems. Therefore, it is better not to hesitate and get qualified medical care in a timely manner.