What happens to your skin when you sleep

what happens to your skin when you sleep

“Skin quality does not improve even though high cosmetics are used.”
“Skin dries even though it is well moisturized.”

Do you have skin problems like this?
Sleeping may be the cause of skin problems even though you are taking good care of your skin.

To make beautiful skin, quality sleep is the most important thing.
This time it’s a shortcut for making beautiful skin.

I will continue.

Sleep is very important for beautiful skin

Do you have a good sleep?
I want you to secure about 8 hours of sleep to get beautiful skin.

First of all, let’s talk about why sleep is important for beautiful skin.

I was busy at work and stayed up late at night.

Everyone should have such an experience.
I’d like you to remember that time, but isn’t it heavy or tricky from the next day?

This is because the body was not repaired because of insufficient sleep time.
Our bodies are designed to repair fatigue and damage incurred during the day by sleeping.

If you don’t have enough sleep time, you won’t be able to recover the damage and carry it over the next day.
This is the true cause of sluggishness and weight.

It can also be said for the skin, and the skin is repaired during sleep.
If you don’t have enough sleep time, your skin will not recover and you will carry over damage, causing skin problems.

It is said that it takes about 6 hours to repair the skin, and if it is less than this, it may cause the skin to become rough.
So at least 6 hours. The ideal is where you want to sleep for about 8 hours.

Skin renewal takes place every day during sleep.
You may have learned how important sleeping is for your skin.

Golden time of skin

Unlike TV programs, the golden time of skin is from 10:00 to midnight.
It is said that skin cell division occurs most actively at this time.

So it is very important for your skin to sleep well at this time.

It is also important to keep the sleeping time constant in terms of adjusting the body clock.
It is not preferable to sleep differently every day because it disturbs the body clock.

Keeping the body clock constant leads to better growth hormone secretion.
The point is to sleep by midnight and to keep the sleeping time constant.

Good quality sleep is important for beautiful skin.

Did you understand the importance of sleeping for beautiful skin?
However, the deep part of sleep is not just to sleep.

What is required is high quality sleep.

Do you have a deep and high quality sleep?
Most of the growth hormone is secreted about 3 hours after going to
sleep, so it is very important to have a deep sleep during this time.

If you look at your smartphone just before you go to sleep, your brain will remain active and you will sleep.
If your brain is still active, you will not be able to enter deep sleep.

To take a deep sleep, it is necessary to calm down by turning off the light in the room for about an hour before going to bed.
By doing so, a hormone called melatonin is secreted and preparation for sleep begins.

Some people may be unable to sleep when dark, but it is better
to darken the room as the body gets ready to sleep by darkening the room.

Points to get a good night’s sleep

Having said that, a good night’s sleep is difficult.
For those of you, here are some tips for getting a good night’s sleep.

Point 1: Refrain from coffee

Some people drink coffee or green tea before going to bed, but coffee and green tea contain caffeine and stimulate the brain.

Refrain from drinking coffee or green tea 3 hours before going to bed.
Recommended hot milk with less irritation. Your mind and your body will warm up.
Recommended especially in cold winter.

Point 2: Cook aroma

Aroma is also recommended for a good night’s sleep.
Lavender is said to have an effect of promoting sleep.
A pleasant smell should give a relaxing effect.

I’m not very familiar with aromas, but
I ask the shop clerk to make recommended aromas.

It is recommended because it makes you feel rich and feels soft.

Point 3: Darken the lights one hour before going to bed

Melatonin, a component that promotes sleep, increases secretion when the amount of light decreases.
Therefore, it is effective to darken the lighting 1 hour before going to bed and promote the secretion of melatonin.

Create a relaxing space before going to bed and get ready to sleep.


What did you think?
Did you understand how important sleeping is to make your skin beautiful?

If you have trouble improving your skin, would you like to review your sleep once?
The quality of normal sleep makes your skin beautiful.