What to do in Cape Town? 5 Insiders Travel Tips

What to do in Cape Town 2019

Cape Town is an incredible city and one which can keep you entertained for days, weeks and months on end. Holidaymakers visit throughout the year to enjoy what the city has to offer, soaking up the sea, mountains and culture.

We all know about Table Mountain, safaris and the world cup stadium, but what else is there to do? Below I share my top 5 ‘insiders’ tips on what to do during your stay in Cape Town which are slightly lesser known…

1. Go Wine Tasting in Constantia

15 minutes drive from the city is a fantastic place to go wine tasting and enjoy the stunning grapes this region has to offer. Save the big trip all the way to Stellenbosch and stay in touching distance of town.

2. Hit the surf in Llandudno

Whilst the masses flock to Camps Bay, pick up your board and buck the trend at Llandudno. This is where the pros head and has much better waves than Camps Bay. It’s also close to town, has a beautiful beach and a great community feel.

3. See Lions Head at Dawn

Most people will go up to Lions Head to see the sun go down and get a beautiful sunset. That’s the best time right? Wrong. Get yourself up there before daybreak and you might well be able get a private showing of the city being enlightened. It’s worth the early start to sample this stunning view in quiet surroundings rather than amongst the usual tourist crowds which flock there for sun down.

4. Rock Climbing in Silvermine

Silvermine National Park is a gorgeous area and how better to enjoy it than from above! Get your adrenaline pumping on the side of a cliff and then turn around and soak up the glorious views for miles around. It doesn’t get much better.

5. Visit a Township for a Braai

But what’s a Braai I hear you shout! Braais are huge BBQs that are put on in the townships when everyone gets together and has a massive party. Loud music blares out the speakers, masses of meat gets toasted and everyone has fun. All you need to do I bring your own food and beers and soak up the atmosphere.